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 #OneDayHH is the ONE DAY on Instagram where thousands of people share what just ONE DAY of their life looks like in this season. Hour by hour. A day-in-the-life...YOUR life!  

The idea is simple: document your day, all day. I usually post 1-2 photos an hour sharing my "day in the life." Capture the mundane details that you usually wouldn't show: routines, messy desks, the inside of your fridge. This is a true "behind-the-scenes" look at your life. It may seem silly at first, but when you look back, you'll see that you're really marking a moment. 

Sure it may flood the feed a little, but it's just ONE DAY. 

All you have to do to participate is document your day and share it using the hashtag #ONEDAYHH

Follow me on Instagram @laura.tremaine and read below for more tips & details!

If you’d prefer to listen, here’s a short podcast episode explaining what #OneDayHH is and why it’s special.

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  • Remember that in order for your photos & stories to show up in the hashtag feed, your profile must be set to "public." The experience of participating with everyone is HIGHLY recommended, it really adds to the day. Many people set their profile to public for just ONE DAY (ha!) then set it back to private at the end.

  • Liking and commenting on other people's #ONEDAYHH photos is part of the fun! It really does make the world feel a bit smaller to see people going through their regular ole day in real time. 

  • Even if you don't post it, it's fun to snap photos of the inside of your cabinet or your messy closet. Really capturing what life looks like at this very moment makes the whole experiment that much more special when you look back over the years.

  • You can post in the main feed or in stories. There are no set rules to how to do #OneDayHH except to document your day and share it. (And be respectful of others sharing their days.)

  • Consider making a photo book of your #ONEDAYHH photos. A service like Chatbooks will do it easily and inexpensively when you filter your feed by the hashtag. 

  • Each year we shake it up with a different day of the week. If the date chosen doesn’t work for you for whatever reason (or you’d rather choose a day that looks more typical for your life right now), of course feel free to document another day and share. It’s especially awesome when we are all able to do it together, but it’s impossible to choose a date that works for thousands of people. The important part is freezing this moment in time.


A few things that make participating in #OneDayHH so special:

  • Your regular day may feel super normal to you right now, but I promise that in just a few years it will look different, and seeing the details will be important later. Take this from someone who has been hosting #OneDayHH for years!

  • Following the hashtag and seeing how people all over the world are living out a very “normal” day is fascinating. Families, work, routines, everyone is doing something a little different and a true peek into that (as opposed to all the highlights we normally post on social media) is just really interesting.

  • But ALSO. We’re all kind of doing the same thing, too. People are people are people. We eat meals, we kiss our loved ones, we kill time, we wait in line, we do errands, we crash on the couch, all of us are humans being human. And even when our circumstances look really different on the outside, there’s something beautiful and connecting when we see that threads of humanity are running through everyone, everywhere.

  • There’s always a lesson in #OneDayHH that I didn’t see coming. Each year it’s a little different, but I learn something new hosting this challenge, and at the end of the day (or in the days following), I love reading the reflections of those who participated, and what they noticed about their days that they hadn’t before. What they want to tweak, what they newly appreciate. You have to participate to see this fully.

I really hope you’ll join us this year for #OneDayHH!

Feel free to screenshot any of these graphics or link to this post to explain to others what you’re doing.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and make sure to use the hashtag #OneDayHH on all your posts!

Here’s a look back MY years of #OneDayHH: