Ep 13: Who do you tell?

Today’s topic - like many of these prompts - will either give you a buzz of excitement or a lump in your throat. I am aware that lots of things that we talk about on this show can fall either way. You can’t WAIT to talk about it, or you don’t ever press play because the title alone gives you some feelings you’d rather avoid. Today is one of those, I think, and believe when I say that I’ve been on both sides of this one. 

The question is this:


This show is of course called 10 Things To Tell You, with the premise being that we all have things we want to share, things we want to say, things we need to tell one another. Humans are wired for connection and that simply doesn’t happen without giving a little bit of yourself. I build these episodes around topics you can share with friends or partners or even on social media - there is value to sharing, telling in these different ways. But as this show goes on and grows, before we go any further, actually, I want to establish WHO we tell our stuff to. Who is a safe place to parse through some of these things and who is it fun to share our stuff with? 

Listen for thoughts on figuring out WHO to tell your stuff to, or maybe share this episode with your people, the ones you already tell. Take a minute this week to reach out and tell them THANK YOU for being someone they can talk to, someone they can trust.