Ep 33: Recent Revelations

This episode is for you if you’ve had any recent revelations you want to share.

Revelations. I’ve had a few. If you’re a regular listener to this show, you probably are the type of person who is striving for growth, who aims to be self-aware, and who is paying attention. And if you’re paying attention, you’re learning. Always.

So this week I'm sharing with you a few of my own personal recent revelations (some shallow, some deeper), and I am actively encouraging you to share your own. Not only privately or in your journal, this time I’m challenging you to share on social media.

I want you to tell us a recent revelation you’ve had in your life. It’s an exercise in sharing of yourself AND I just want to see what people are thinking about these days. It helps me see the pulse of the listeners and create content for the show.

PLUS, an added incentive is that I will be giving away 4 $50 gift cards to either amazon or Sephora (the winners choose their own prize) this week to a random participant in the prompt online.

Here’s how you enter the giveaway:

  1. Post on Instagram OR facebook answering the prompt “What is a recent revelation?”

  2. Tag the show on the relevant platform: @10ThingsToTellYou on facebook, @10ThingsToTellYou on Instagram (this is especially important if your profile is private).

  3. Use the hashtag #10ThingsToTellYou

  4. You must be following the show on the platform where you share

  5. Posts must be up by Sunday, September 22 at 5pm PST

I’ll pick four random winners.

Not affiliated with Instagram, facebook, amazon, or Sephora. I am providing each prize.