Ep 2: Are you lonely?

Loneliness feels like one of the great taboo topics of adulthood. But all around me, I see and hear people whispering that they’re profoundly lonely.

In this episode I’m going to tell you about a time in my life when I was really lonely, and the two things I did that turned it around for me. 

The prompt for this week:

Are you lonely?


When were you lonely?

Take your thoughts to your journal, to a friend, or to social media using the hashtag #10ThingsToTellYou.

10 Things from this episode:

  1. Former Surgeon General Viveck Murthy calls loneliness an “epidemic.” You can feel lonely even when surrounded by people. 

  2. I talked about loneliness on the Sorta Awesome podcast, where I used to be a co-host. Sadly, those episodes are no longer available in your podcast app, but you can listen to them on your desktop here and here.

  3. Are you telling yourself a false narrative? Like no one possibly understands what you’re going through?

  4. Are you bored in your life? 

  5. A key to connection: Having a regularly scheduled thing to look forward to. (Like a book club!)

  6. Are online connections real?

  7. Putting something out there, online or in person, for others to connect to. It doesn’t have to be deep or private. It can be anything!

  8. It’s about belonging. (See further reading: Brene Brown) It’s essential in relationship not only to feel loved, but to feel liked.

  9. The formula I was looking for as I made new friends: local, enjoyable, and trustworthy. 

  10. My husband is not my best friend. 

    BONUS: Reach out to someone this week. Someone that you suspect might be a little lonely and would appreciate hearing from you. Or maybe you’re the lonely one and making a connection with an old friend might feel nice.