Ep 28: Motherhood through Adoption with Lindsay Lawler

Lindsay Lawler.jpg

This episode is for you if you or a loved one has ever struggled through the fertility process, or if you’re interested in the topic of adoption.

I am so happy to share this conversation with one of my dearest friends, Lindsay Lawler. Lindsay and I have been like sisters for nearly two decades, from our freshman college dorm to living together throughout our 20’s in Los Angeles. Still, the topic of fertility and motherhood remained such a sensitive one that we didn’t talk about it much until Lindsay was already walking down the road towards adoption.

This episode is a conversation between friends, Lindsay sharing her experience while I listen. We are not medical experts, nor are we adoption experts, and we both encourage you to do all your research when planning to grow your family.

We discuss:

  • listening to your body

  • finding out your egg count

  • connecting with your doctor

  • marriage strain

  • how adoption should NOT be a last resort

  • staying positive but also allowing yourself emotions

  • finding an adoption agency

  • trusting the outcome

  • fears after placement

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You can rent the Nashville Music Loft that Lindsay manages here.