Ep 5: Tell me about your teachers.

Today’s topic: Teachers!

Our ancestors, our enemies, our children, they are ALL our teachers. I can see that this topic might be something we revisit several times, from several different angles or categories, but today I want to talk about what probably came to mind FIRST: School teachers! 

Tell me about your most influential teachers.

Literal teachers. School teachers is what I’m mainly thinking here, but also coaches, dance instructors, not life’s metaphorical teachers (although I think we’ll get to that), but people who are actually paid to instruct you in something.  

Most of you listening have been out of school for a long time, but I’ll bet there are a few school teachers that come to mind anyway. These positions of authority in our most formative years tend to make a mark. I’ve long held several of my school teachers in such high esteem, and there are a few with whom I still hold a grudge, and when my own kids started elementary school a few years ago, it brought back a lot of nostalgia for me around teachers. Some fear and anxiety, truthfully, but also a respect for the teacher role that feels different to me now that I’m grown. I can’t wait to hear your memories of teachers that were important to you. 

A few things mentioned in this episode:

People are starting little 10 Things To Tell You groups!

If you would like to do this with your friends, a few apps that might facilitate:

Voxer (my favorite for keeping in touch with friends in different time zones)

Marco Polo (like sending video voicemails)

The original 10 Things To Tell You social media challenge

Dr. J. Rufus Fears still has classes available on The Great Courses