Ep 7: What are you assuming about others?

Sometimes I assume that everyone else is killin' it at life and I'm the only one flailing around. Sound familiar? 

In this episode, I share some of the silly things people have assumed about me and a few things that I assume about everyone else. (None of these things are true.) 

A few things mentioned in this episode:

#OneDayHH Instagram challenge

You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

Ep 6: Revisiting Judy Blume

This episode is a little bit of a different format. I’m with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Dr. Cara Pence, and we’re revisiting a childhood favorite: Judy Blume.

I have several ideas for a revisit series, where we look at some popular things from our past - books, movies, tv shows, et cetera - and talk about how they affected us and how we feel about them now. So this is the first in that series and we’re looking back at the formative era of pre-pubescent literature that is Judy Blume.

Specifically today we’re going to talk about three of Judy Blume’s novels:

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret.


Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself.

I really want to hear what you guys think about these books or any of the Judy Blume books that had a big impact on you. I want to know if your kids are reading them, if you think these stories have held up over time.

Other things mentioned in this episode:

Beverly Clearly Ramona books

Banned book lists


Ep 5: Tell me about your teachers.

Today’s topic: Teachers!

Our ancestors, our enemies, our children, they are ALL our teachers. I can see that this topic might be something we revisit several times, from several different angles or categories, but today I want to talk about what probably came to mind FIRST: School teachers! 

Tell me about your most influential teachers.

Literal teachers. School teachers is what I’m mainly thinking here, but also coaches, dance instructors, not life’s metaphorical teachers (although I think we’ll get to that), but people who are actually paid to instruct you in something.  

Most of you listening have been out of school for a long time, but I’ll bet there are a few school teachers that come to mind anyway. These positions of authority in our most formative years tend to make a mark. I’ve long held several of my school teachers in such high esteem, and there are a few with whom I still hold a grudge, and when my own kids started elementary school a few years ago, it brought back a lot of nostalgia for me around teachers. Some fear and anxiety, truthfully, but also a respect for the teacher role that feels different to me now that I’m grown. I can’t wait to hear your memories of teachers that were important to you. 

A few things mentioned in this episode:

People are starting little 10 Things To Tell You groups!

If you would like to do this with your friends, a few apps that might facilitate:

Voxer (my favorite for keeping in touch with friends in different time zones)

Marco Polo (like sending video voicemails)

The original 10 Things To Tell You social media challenge

Dr. J. Rufus Fears still has classes available on The Great Courses

Ep 4: How do you connect to your body?

This episode is for you if you’ve ever felt disconnected from your own body.

This episode is NOT about weight or exercise. We’re talking about the mind/body connection and the spiritual awakening that can occur when you really tune into your body instead of living on autopilot.


I’m welcoming Pilates studio owner and movement teacher Kerri Campbell as my guest as we discuss and answer the question

How do you connect to your body?

Age, trauma, pain, and depression are just a few of the things that can cause us to disconnect from our body over time. In this episode we’ll talk about how to recognize if your brain and body have gone numb to one another and the mindset shift that will motivate positive change instead of constant self critique.

A few things mentioned in this episode:

Smartest Person in the room podcast episode about Pilates

Ep 3: Where do you live?

Today’s prompt:

Where do you live?

This is one of the most basic, get-to-know-you questions, and the answer can vary. Our country, state, city, and neighborhood all say something about us, whether we like it or not. 

On today's episode, we're not just talking about our zip codes, we're talking about how our location is currently affecting who we are. 

I live in Los Angeles, so I have 10 Things To Tell You about my little pocket of L.A. 

10 Things about this episode:

  1. When we meet someone, we’re looking to put them into some sort of box of understanding, a lens to see them through. Sometimes answering where we live says something about our roots or our choices, our career, or our family history.

  2. I have lived in Los Angeles for nearly 18 years. I grew up in small town Oklahoma. PLACE plays one of the biggest roles in my personal narrative. So I can talk about MY version of L.A., but I am also very aware that I live in a particular little bubble, and so everything I say here is from my experience only.

  3. Vampire facials.

  4. There are 12 million people in Los Angeles. The economy of this city alone is larger than 46 out of the 50 United States.

  5. The Hollywood Sign originally said Hollywoodland.

  6. Everclear’s song Santa Monica // Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Song Under the Bridge // Ryan Adams’s song La Cienega Just Smiled

  7. Troop Beverly Hills (favorite LA movie of all time)

  8. The Californians on Saturday Night Live.

  9. L.A. has style. Lots and lots of style.

  10. Los Angeles offered me all the freedom in the world when I needed it, and has offered it over and over again for the last 18 years. I believe LA lets you be whoever you want to be, and then also lets you return to yourself.

Ep 2: Are you lonely?

Loneliness feels like one of the great taboo topics of adulthood. But all around me, I see and hear people whispering that they’re profoundly lonely.

In this episode I’m going to tell you about a time in my life when I was really lonely, and the two things I did that turned it around for me. 

The prompt for this week:

Are you lonely?


When were you lonely?

Take your thoughts to your journal, to a friend, or to social media using the hashtag #10ThingsToTellYou.

10 Things from this episode:

  1. Former Surgeon General Viveck Murthy calls loneliness an “epidemic.” You can feel lonely even when surrounded by people. 

  2. I talked about loneliness on the Sorta Awesome podcast, where I used to be a co-host. Sadly, those episodes are no longer available in your podcast app, but you can listen to them on your desktop here and here.

  3. Are you telling yourself a false narrative? Like no one possibly understands what you’re going through?

  4. Are you bored in your life? 

  5. A key to connection: Having a regularly scheduled thing to look forward to. (Like a book club!)

  6. Are online connections real?

  7. Putting something out there, online or in person, for others to connect to. It doesn’t have to be deep or private. It can be anything!

  8. It’s about belonging. (See further reading: Brene Brown) It’s essential in relationship not only to feel loved, but to feel liked.

  9. The formula I was looking for as I made new friends: local, enjoyable, and trustworthy. 

  10. My husband is not my best friend. 

    BONUS: Reach out to someone this week. Someone that you suspect might be a little lonely and would appreciate hearing from you. Or maybe you’re the lonely one and making a connection with an old friend might feel nice. 

Ep 1: When do you read?

It’s the first official episode of the new 10 Things To Tell You podcast! So it’s only fitting that today we’re going to talk about my favorite subject: BOOKS!

Mainly, I want to know:

WHEN do you read?

HOW do you read?

WHAT do you read?

In this episode, I’m answering all of those questions and so much more. I’m telling you my secret to reading (roughly) one book a week. We talk about if audiobooks count the same as reading a book you hold. And I confess my dilemma over rating books publicly.

I also read along some of the questions I got on instagram about reading habits.

After you listen to the episode, I want you to answer it for yourself. Text your reader friends and ask them about their reading routines. Or post on social media your reading habits and opinions using the hashtag #10ThingsToTellYou. Make sure you tag the show on Instagram and Facebook if you post!

Mentioned in this episode:

Kindle Paperwhite (my preferred e-reader)

Secret Posts sign up (my monthly email where I review all the books I’m reading)


Author Roxane Gay

The Evernote app

Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy and the What Should I Read Next? podcast

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